Let’s get you some results.

Look, I get it.

There’s a million pieces of trendy new advice out there on how to burn fat, or gain mass. You’ve tried them all but none of them have really created lasting results.

The thing is, that’s why they’re trends — because they’re temporary solutions based on loose science that produce temporary results.

I’m not concerned with trends. I’m concerned with the time-tested practices that work for life.

My training is all about lasting results:

With each 60 minute session, you can expect the following:

  • A workout that is tailored exactly to your goals

  • A private gym environment in Westwood, Los Angeles so you can focus on what really matters — you

  • A proper warm-up and post-workout stretch to create optimal results

When it comes to training with me, I also provide:

  • Form checks, so you can understand how to moves safely and effectively

  • Nutritional guidance that isn’t restrictive, so you can make changes that last

  • Advice on how to make cooking a helpful and pain-free part of your life

  • Accountability and motivation



12-Week Muscle Building and Fat Loss Program: For males and females. Ask for pricing. Includes:

  • Personalized tracking of weight, fat loss %, and measurements to ensure you’re reaching your targets

  • A long-term workout plan that targets your whole body and any specific areas you want

  • Before and after photos you can share on social to show your transformation

  • Regular check-ins to adapt the plan at any time

  • Setting up for success post-program

Email me directly at Evan@theEvanLe.com so we can talk about your goals today!