10 Things You Realize Working As a Personal Trainer

  1. Pay sucks when you’re starting out with no clients. No matter what gym you work for.

  2. As much as you get to "choose your own hours”, you may have to take on any and all hours in the beginning.

  3. Most personal training jobs are also sales jobs — we just don’t call them that.

  4. The product is unique to sell, because it’s not a tangible product you can hold in your hands. You have to create the vision of what their body will look like, how they will feel, how they will move.

  5. Sessions are incredibly rewarding — you get to see the tangible change that’s happening in the short term.

  6. In the long term, you get to notice how much change you created in their life, not just in tangible numbers, but also in terms of their mood.

  7. It’s easy to let our own health and fitness fall to the wayside as trainers. Lack of sleep, long hours, and missed workouts are common in the industry.

  8. There’s always so much to learn in fitness. You’ll never run out of things to study.

  9. Even with people that need it, rejection is common. That’s just the game, keep moving along.

  10. Don’t ever think you’re the smartest person. If you do, then you’ll be passed by the young guns who are eager to learn new things.