How to Escape a Poisonous Work Situation

As much as you can, don’t run FROM things; run TO something else.

What I’ve learned is that it’s about being intentional.

When you’re intentional, you’re taking responsibility for your life, for your actions, and you will feel more powerful as a result. However, when you’re not intentional, you put a lot of power into “fate”, and never feel that sense of confidence that you can 100% direct your own journey.

For example, when I took my gap year, I wasn’t running away from school -- I was running towards participating in an apprenticeship program in a new city.

I felt empowered.

I felt focused.

But a time when I was less intentional:

I remember leaving a work situation I was very unhappy with. I didn’t have anything lined up for after, but I knew I wanted to leave. So I did. But I struggled for a couple months because I didn’t set myself up for success to leave.

I had no income, no structure, nothing.

I was just desperately applying for new jobs in order to beat the running clock of my savings. That was not a good way to live.

So when you really don’t like a situation you’re in, ask yourself these questions before leaving:

  1. What will I be sacrificing if I leave?

  2. What will I gain if I leave?

  3. In a definable time period, how long should I stay in order to maximize my gains and minimize any problems I may run into?

That’s the kind of thought process I try to put into any poisonous situation.