Children in Adult Bodies

Age is deceptive.

You can look like an adult.

You can talk like an adult.

But deep down inside, your behavior and view on life can be that of a child.

I think the difference between a child and an adult has less to do with age and more to do with these factors (there may be more, but these are the most important I think):

  1. Independence. How well can you function without anyone financing you? Can you handle problems without consulting your parents to fix things? Can you resolve issues by yourself?
  2. Responsibility. Do you take responsibility for your actions, your words, and the effects both of these have on people? Do you take ownership of duties, and reap the benefits and consequences of your actions?
  3. Giving. Do you seek to enhance, or do you seek to take? Do you make other people better, or do you make them worse off? Do you treat people, items, and places with respect, before it's given to you?

An adult has an awareness of all of these traits.

A child struggles to have any of these as the opposite is much easier to maintain. It's easier to be dependent on your parents for money. It's easier to dick around and avoid positions of power where your actions affect others. It's easier to take and receive items than it is to give away what you have.

Adulthood shouldn't be a scary thing.

Instead, we should recognize adulthood as the beautiful realization that you are growing your confidence and competence in life. You're getting better at helping others. And by doing so, you're realizing your human potential.