Two ways to offer a unique skillset

One concept I've been thinking about comes from Robert Greene's Mastery, on the topic of finding your niche, a specialization that makes you an expert.

When it comes to niches, there are two ways you can find this:

1. Choosing a broad field to start your career in, then slowly narrowing your focus until you find your niche.


2. Once you conquer one field, you choose to master another field on your own time if necessary. This allows you to combine two different fields and create a new category of niche.

It's okay no matter which way you go in. But the advantage of niching down is clear: the combo of all of your traits and specialties are what makes you an irresistible hire. It's not about becoming the best at one thing and that's it. It's about becoming really good at this one thing while also being well-versed in this other thing that gives you context in unique environments.

For example, there may be thousands of programmers around, but how many programmers also have a specialization in crypto? In food? In law?

Those combos could be powerful in the right company.

CommentaryEvan LeComment