Thoughts on finding happiness wherever you work

Work has always been an interesting subject to me: a lot of my friends hate it and wish they had a life without it, or they wish for a job that aligned with their passions so that work would be something amazing.

I want to investigate these 3 questions that will get you thinking about your relationship with work.

1. Are you getting value from your job?

This can be as simple as how much money you're making. If it helps you sustain a lifestyle that you want, then it may be a good job for you.

If it doesn't necessarily give you as much money as you want, but you love your coworkers and the opportunities available at this company, then it may be a good job for you.

If the skills this job is teaching you helps you further one of your goals in the future, it may be a good job for you.

2. How are you spending your time away from work?

Some call this concept work/life balance.

Whatever you want it to call it, it's extremely important to indulge in your hobbies and relationships that benefit you emotionally and physically. While work fills in a hole professionally in terms of advancement in life, it does not and cannot fill in your other needs as a human being.

Work doesn't need to be your passion. You can pursue your passions outside of work, and work can be the mechanism that allows you the time and resources to pursue your passion.

3. Should you stay or should you quit?

No one's forcing you to work for a company.

If you don't feel like the way they're treating you is right, you can leave. Yes I understand we all need money and we all have responsibilities, but that doesn't excuse you from having a backup plan. If you don't like where you are, you owe it to yourself to be looking around.

If you think that sacrificing a little here and there will be beneficial to you, and that your hard work will be rewarded, then stay. If the value you're getting is tremendous, then stay. Just know that no one is holding you down in one place.

It's your decision.