Cause You Gotta Have Faith

I was never really religious growing up.

But I always had faith.

Not blind faith: the kind where you don't change anything and hope for the better. But faith that if I continually took action, that eventually, things would look in my favor no matter how desperate the moment.

I think that in telling myself that things would eventually work out, I tackled each day with optimism. The only thing I could control was my effort, so if I focused on that, it would increase my chance of things working out.

And when things went well, they would validate my faith theory. For the things that didn't go well for me, they were just roadblocks on the way to something better.

Whenever I didn't get the job, faith would be there for me.

Whenever I got rejected, faith would be there for me.

Whenever I failed at anything, faith would be there for me.

Faith will carry you too if you let it.

* * *

Evan's Goal Update - Day 9/56

  1. Job + apartment: Assessing jobs. Still looking for an apartment to settle in for 1-2 years. Message me at if you know of any places!
  2. Reading + writing: Writing for the 9th day in a row.
  3. Coding: Trying to re-create the Google homepage in HTML and CSS.
  4. Fitness: Finished a hypertrophy leg session. (5/32 sessions completed this cycle)
  5. YouTube: Uploading tomorrow.