Two types of products

When it comes to buying things, you really have two options:

  1. Buy massive amounts of the cheap stuff, which are often not effective or durable
  2. Buy one really nice quality product, that you can use for years in the future

Of course there's product in between these two extremes. Neither is better than the other, but simply a matter or quantity vs quality.

Generally, for things I really love, I always buy quality. When I use things that last longer and feel better, I don't have to worry about when I'll have to buy the next one. I don't have to finesse a product to do what it needs to do either -- it just does its job well.

When it comes to things I don't care about, or just need a "good enough" version, I buy the cheaper quantity product. I'll accept the minor headache it creates for the money-saving benefit.

* * *

Evan's Goal Update - Day 7/56

  1. Job + apartment: Assessing jobs.
  2. Reading + writing: Skipped reading this week, been writing though!
  3. Coding: Finished the CSS course on Codecademy. Finished multiple HTML Dog courses on HTML and CSS. Built the Android logo using HTML. Learned forms in HTML.
  4. Fitness: Combined days 3 & 4 into one Saturday session. (4/4 done this week)
  5. YouTube: Done this week! Uploading next Tuesday.