Nothing without context

Search for a coding course on Google and you'll find thousands of results.

Courses have now become a dime-a-dozen; a commodity.

What's more rare, are frameworks of thinking. A framework to understand what to learn, and how it fits in with the knowledge you already have.

My first semester as a computer science student, they placed me and hundreds of others in a C++ programming course. They shoved problems and puzzles for us to solve. While fun, by the end of the semester, I still had no idea where C++ fit into my day as a programmer or who uses it and why and where.

I believe it's useless to study C++ when you have no context of where it's used or how it's used.

The first thing we need to start with before learning anything, is the context. What does a professional programmer do? Would I even like this profession?

What would have been more effective at training the next generation of programmers would be to show the standard workflow of a programmer, and show how C++ relates to building software.

Because without context, we're just plugging away at brain teasers for four years and we'll never know why.

* * *

Evan's Goal Update - Day 6/56

  1. Job + apartment: Assessing jobs.
  2. Reading + writing: 6th day of writing consistency. I like it.
  3. Coding: Still going through the CSS course on Codecademy!
  4. Fitness: Attempted workout 3 this week, but other priorities and blistering heat wave interrupted. (2/4 done this week)
  5. YouTube: Done this week! Uploading next Tuesday.