Life gets better when you take responsibility

We often idolize the Instagram traveler. You know, the ones who make FART (F*ck Around Relax and Travel) content.

But less idolized is the single mom who works two jobs to take care of her child.

I'll tell you one thing.

We think living a free life of no responsibilities and just traveling will make us happy. But sooner or later, the travels will end, and we will find that all of the fun we had doesn't really give us that sense of fulfillment that we've actually done anything meaningful with our lives.

But to that single mom, she is living a stressful, yet full life. She has a reason -- a purpose -- for living.

Responsibility gives us purpose. And purpose makes us happy.

Sometimes, it takes less freedom and taking on more responsibilities (that seemingly tie us down) in order to thrive and live our best lives.

* * *

Evan's Goal Update - Day 4/56

  1. Job + apartment: Prepared prep sheet, including my answers to questions in advance for job interview.
  2. Reading + writing: I watched fireworks instead of reading. But I'm writing this at 11:05 PM.
  3. Coding: Went through another CSS course on Codecademy and learned about the Box Model.
  4. Fitness: Rest day.
  5. YouTube: Done this week! Uploading next Tuesday.