Projects will help you get jobs

Projects prove application of learning.

Tests prove short-term memorization skills.

When you are able to show your work, people are more likely to be impressed and understand your knowledge of a given topic. It's because they can physically see the work you did. However, when they see a percentage on a test score, there's not really a good way to measure how hard the test was, whether you can do the things on the test, or if you're able to get the job done in the real world.

Tests are useful for some things, but they do not help employers hire good candidates.

Projects are the key to showing what skills you can apply and how much success you've had applying it.

"Projects are the ultimate way of indicating whether your theory matches up with how... concepts and techniques actually operate." [Source]

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Evan's Goal Update - Day 3/56

  1. Job + apartment: Got an exciting job interview lined up for Thursday. 2/4 companies need to respond now.
  2. Reading + writing: No reading tonight, but writing needs more time (aiming for >250 word blogs).
  3. Coding: Went through HTML and CSS course on Codecademy.
  4. Fitness: Finished 2/4 days this week so far.
  5. YouTube: It's uploaded here