Two types of jobs

I think there's two types of jobs: Survival Jobs and Thriving Jobs.

Early in your career, survival jobs are tempting. It's so much more direct to see the effect of a couple more dollars of hourly pay. I mean $15/hr sounds way better than $10/hr. But if the $15/hr job is a job you don't enjoy and offers no career progression, then it's worth considering spending your time elsewhere.

If there's an amazing opportunity to work with someone you really admire up close, but it only pays $10/hr, is it worth it?

Absolutely, yes.

This is an example of a thriving job. The value of a thriving job is more than it's upfront monetary amount. It has other values such as:

  1. Mentorship
  2. Access to a larger network of people (and opportunities)
  3. Cooler stories to tell and experience
  4. A higher sense of fulfillment and purpose

So yes, you could earn that extra $5/hr and go home with $40 more in your pocket each work day. Or you could go home with excitement, growth, and satisfaction.

* * *

Evan's Goal Update - Day 24/56

  1. Fitness: 10/26 sessions completed this cycle
  2. YouTube: Still unfinished. Need to make time for this. (1/8 this cycle)
  3. Coding: Still in same spot as before w/ HTML and CSS.

Note: moving and the new job has been a total time suck. Love work and settling in my new place, but other things have to be put on hold.