Fulfillment Comes From Effort

Whatever you set your priorities as, make sure you put your full effort into them.

That's one piece of advice that will always lead to personal success. The way you define success should be about choosing the things you want to focus on for a certain period of time, and putting your full energy into them.

To some, this is doing really well in school.

To others, this is raising a baby and putting our all into it.

Whatever your priorities are, if you slack on them and just neglect them, you're going to feel really bad. Because it's something you want, and you're putting zero effort into it, you're going to put yourself into a spiral of non-actualization.

But if it's truly a priority to you mentally, it'll get done.

And when you put in the most amount of effort to get that result you really desire, whether that's a behavioral change, or a professional promotion, you'll feel satisfied that you put your all into the hunt. The meat will just be the icing on top.

* * *

Evan's Goal Update - Day 21/56

  1. Fitness: Rest day. (10/26 sessions completed this cycle)
  2. YouTube: Still unfinished. Need to make time for this. (1/8 this cycle)
  3. Coding: Still in same spot as before w/ HTML and CSS.

Note: Man this has gotten out of hand. Ever just feel out of it? I set all of these audacious goals, but starting my first week of work really changed my priorities. I want to practice self-acceptance, though so I can forgive myself for missing these few weeks as I adapt myself to the new job.