Social Media Isn't The Problem

It's simply a tool.

A tool that when used for what we want it to do, is absolutely amazing. Whether it's keeping in touch with friends, sharing a major life announcement, or creating group photo albums to remember a trip, it does the job exceedingly well.

But we must think of social media as more than a tool. We must think of it as a living organism --like a tree-- as well.

A tree that while beautiful, needs pruning to make sure it serves us. To make sure it's branches don't get in the way of our windows. To make sure it doesn't block our view.

When we take care and start pruning our social media, we avoid all of the negatives while being able to enjoy more of the positives. We won't need a break from that.

* * *

Evan's Goal Update - Day 18/56

  1. Fitness: Rest day. (9/26 sessions completed this cycle)
  2. YouTube: Still unfinished. Need to make time for this. (1/8 this cycle)
  3. Coding: Still in same spot as before w/ HTML and CSS.