Work hard as a young professional

But don't forget to:

  1. Travel
  2. Adopt a dog
  3. Try a new hobby
  4. Learn how to cook
  5. Watch a sporting event at the bar
  6. Learn how to mix drinks like at the bar
  7. Start a video project
  8. Document your journey
  9. Create art
  10. Meet your neighbors
  11. Host board game nights at your place
  12. Run errands for your mom
  13. Get rejected from that girl you like
  14. Make a list of inventions
  15. DM celebrities on Instagram
  16. Tweet at Elon Musk
  17. Run a marathon
  18. Lift weights with friends
  19. Try and suck at improv
  20. Scuba dive in some blue water

Give it your all those 40(+) hours you're in the office.

But don't forget there's more to life out there.

* * *

Evan's Goal Update - Day 12/56

  1. Job + apartment: I've officially signed on with a promising startup in Los Angeles. I'll be announcing shortly. Signed a lease for a 2BR apartment (looking for cool roommates! LMK)
  2. Reading + writing: Writing for the 12th day in a row. Reading on pause.
  3. Coding: Trying to re-create the Google homepage in HTML and CSS. Not had much time recently.
  4. Fitness: Heavy squat day at 280 lbs, 3x4. (7/32 sessions completed this cycle)
  5. YouTube: Late on uploading but will finish by EOW!

Reflection: now that I have a job, I'm going to have to prioritize and eliminate some of these. I really understand how blessed I was to have so much free time to do all of these things!