Are you preparing or practicing?

Many people my age tend to think our childhood years until age 22 are about preparing.

Preparing 12 years in primary school to get to a good college. Preparing 4 years in college to get to a good job. Then preparing 20 years in a good job to get to a good retirement.

But then what?

How much longer can we prepare?

What if instead, we started thinking about these formative years before 22 as practice? Instead of preparing for a job for 16 years, we'd simply get a job as soon as we desired. We would start as early as we wanted and practice at it for years the same way we are legally allowed to pick up baseball early and get better at it for years in order to make the major leagues.

When we start practicing at the thing we want to do, we actually get better at the thing we want to eventually be doing. For many majors in school, we simply prepare in a silo and pray that we know how to do the thing we want to do.

Let's stop preparing. Let's start practicing.

* * *

Evan's Goal Update - Day 11/56

  1. Job + apartment: I've officially signed on with a promising startup in Los Angeles. I'll be announcing shortly. Signed a lease for a 2BR apartment (looking for cool roommates! LMK)
  2. Reading + writing: Writing for the 11th day in a row. Reading on pause.
  3. Coding: Trying to re-create the Google homepage in HTML and CSS. Not had much time recently.
  4. Fitness: Rest day. (6/32 sessions completed this cycle)
  5. YouTube: Late on uploading but will finish by EOW!