Prizes Don't Make Us Happy. Practices Does.

Growing up, I always thought that trophies and accolades would make me happy.

And so I did that.

I got honors awards, leadership positions, and scholarships throughout my academic career. I was happy that I was able to achieve so much, but not because I got the awards or positions.

It was because I worked hard to achieve the things I wanted.

That to me was a signal that I could achieve anything I wanted if I worked hard at it.

This translated to other areas of my life such as fitness, career, and relationships. Every time I put in work (i.e. practice) there was a direct benefit to my life. Sometimes the path to growth wasn't linear and even if I put in a lot of hard work, it wasn't instantly noticeable within a few weeks or months.

Some of these things took years to grow.

But the principle remained true: if I put in the hard work towards something with my two hands, I would see the results eventually and in surprising ways.

Prizes can be a great motivator, but it's really the practice, the hard work, the hours you spend dedicated towards getting better at something that you'll remember.

I find that the act of relentlessly pursuing something brings you joy.

Because it's the act of the hunt that makes life enjoyable.

The meat is nice to have, but what's better is knowing that you worked hard at something and earned the fruits of your labor.

* * *

Introducing Goals Update:

At the end of every sort of advice/philosophy blog post, I will be including a "goals update" (might need a better name) in order to update you all about where I'm trying to head towards.

This July to August, I will be taking an 8-week sprint. This will be Week 1 or W1 out of 8 as I will abbreviate it. I will seek to accomplish these tasks:

  1. CAREER:
    1. Get a job and an apartment in Los Angeles.
    1. Read and blog daily.
    2. Upload weekly videos on YouTube.
    1. Complete 4 courses of The Odin Project (web development coding).
    1. Workout 4x a week for hypertrophy and strength.