All at once is rarely effective

In our twenties, we tend to reach a crossroads where we ask ourselves, "what do I want to do?"

And so we try a lot of different things, hoping that one of them sticks.

But we never stick to something more than a couple of months.

So we keep trying and trying.

We ask ourselves: when will it end?

When will I find that thing that I'm passionate about?

I'd like to present this metaphor on food:

It's possible to get a large amount of varied experiences all at once. Just go to an all-you-can-eat buffet and get food from China, food from Italy, and food from Japan all at once.

But the food will be mediocre and never cross a certain threshold of tastiness.

Now think about this example:

Drive to one restaurant that specializes in handmade Chinese noodles. Then drive to that amazing Italian pizza restaurant. To finish it off, go to the Japanese dessert bar for mochi ice cream.

While you're eating your Chinese noodles, you may be thinking "man I wonder how that pizza is going to taste, am I missing out?" But you have to finish your meal at the Chinese restaurant before you can take the time to drive to the next restaurant.

So make sure to savor the time it takes to drive you somewhere exquisite. And savor the drive to the next destination.

Because everything good in this life takes patience.

It's tempting to want to try it all at once, but sometimes we just have to take the time and commit to one thing, in order to really get the best flavors out of it.