Limit Your Options In Order To Get More

Photo by  Matese Fields  on  Unsplash

All of our lives, people have told us that we can do anything we want to if we try. While great as an inspirational quote, a more realistic quote would be:

Choose 3-5 things to be really great at. Double down on getting better at them. Explore with your free time.

If you commit to a select few things, those things will grow exponentially. I know it may seem like you’re cutting off your potential options. Commitment is scary. But you will have a bunch of free time to explore while simultaneously growing expertise in a few areas.

Don’t be a transient being who half-asses their commitment to numerous groups and activities.

Be a whole-hearted being who pours all of their effort into a select few activities.

While you should be exploring as much as you can in your 20s, you shouldn’t forget to get good at something. Ironically, getting really good at something useful opens up multiple opportunities for you to do more exploration.