The Value of Fringe Ideas

I’ve recently been thinking about getting a dog.

In doing hours of research about how I want to raise it, I stumbled upon this sub-culture of feeding called Raw Feeding. It’s essentially a philosophy/diet that states that dogs and cats are carnivores and need to derive their nutrients from meat. The diet derives from their natural history of having to hunt for their food and relying on animal proteins and nutrients, not having this overconsumption of carbohydrates (grains).

It sounds completely scary to many to feed your pets raw meat when you’ve been feeding them bags of those dried nuggets that last forever.

But thousands of owners have cited extremely positive results for their pets.  Better hair. Less smelly skin. Less health issues. Which is a lot better than the diseases that have historically been acquired with the recent invention of dry dog food.

And it’s really odd that no one’s talking about it. Whether it works or not, how come people just don’t want to investigate a solution that helps their dogs live healthier lives?

I realized why: it’s the same reason so many young adults are pushed into college.

We want the path of least resistance that gets us a sub-optimal result easily, rather than taking the time to get an optimal result.

It’s easy to go to college. That’s accepted culturally and no one will criticize you. But if you opt out of college and do something you’re interested in, people have all sorts of criticisms and questions for you.

It’s because it’s a fringe idea. People are scared of what they don’t take the time to understand.

And that’s your opportunity to capitalize on it.

I think you’ll find that digging just a little bit deeper into fringe ideas will give you the knowledge that the majority are just too lazy to dig into. And you will reap the benefits out of being a little more curious.