I'm Graduating In 2 Days

I took an unorthodox path, but the day is finally coming.

Now, there are two paradigms I see in my graduating friends:

  1. Oh my god I’m freaking out, I wish I was doing more school, because I don’t know what I’m doing.
  2. I can’t wait to just be done with school.

I understand both sides.

But the first thought process is what we want to avoid if we want to get anywhere.

You can’t avoid and procrastination on real life forever.

Although you are inheriting the necessary struggles and real life questioning of what you’re doing with your life, the rewards can be so much more fulfilling.

I for one am ready.

I’m ready to eat shit the next 7 years until I’m 30 if I have to. I’m ready to be let go from a job I like if I have to. I’m ready to try my hand at several different industries if the first few jobs out of college don’t work out. I’m ready to work like hell to provide value for whoever I do work with.

But most of all, I’m ready to continue living every day pursuing my mission: helping the world communicate more effectively. The more we chat with our neighbors, the more we honestly communicate with ourselves and others, the more we will understand each other and work together to solve greater problems.

The world is too quiet yet too loud, and too collective yet too segregated. These are the problems we must solve.

For now, this is the end of formal schooling for me. Time to solve some real problems.