Life Is Like a Really Slow Video Game

Here's the thing with video games: it simulates all of the things we crave in life (action, excitement, new things, and progress).

And you get these things guaranteed if you put in the hours it takes to get there.

See, the same is true for real life, but the levels are a LOT longer. Instead of hours it takes to get that new skill upgrade, it takes weeks, months, or even years.

In real life, it takes patience.

Even when we work hard, we don’t see how much better we get. It happens so incrementally and so slowly. When we compare our selves to our immediate surroundings it seems like everyone is better than us. But we don't count the fact that there are other people who are just sitting around doing nothing or taking way less action than you are.

You are miles ahead of that person.

But it’s not like a video game where we see progress super consistently and super fast.

That's why we have to be patient with our growth.

It’s going to be a lot slower, but getting good at things and putting in the hard work really does reward you in the end. You're going to see the results by training everyday, by putting in that extra amount of effort, that extra bit of discipline.

You won't see the effect immediately, but over time, you will absolutely feel the effect.