Why A Former Night Owl Became an Early Bird

Photo by  Chris Spiegl  on  Unsplash

When I was a kid, I loved staying up late.

I would play video games and get my homework done at the same time. Super efficient I know.

I think this is how I tricked myself into thinking I was a night person.

Middle school me thought cool people stayed up at night and lame adults slept early and woke up early.

But that was just culture playing a trick on me. As a kid, I wanted to rebel against the norm, so if the norm was waking up early and doing my job, then I wanted the opposite of that: aka fighting against my natural circadian rhythm as a human.

But I suffered for this.

I wasn’t getting the things I wanted done. I felt tired throughout the day. The human body was designed to react to the chemicals that sunlight releases to wake us up. When computer screens interfere with that natural chemical reaction, we end up unlocking the ability to work late at night — but that doesn’t mean we should.

Advantages of Being an Early Bird

Early Birds have more discipline. Try waking up sometime between 5-7 AM every day. It’s a challenge that early birds adhere to consistently. And in conquering a mini-challenge every day, we train our discipline to handle more difficult things.

I understand it sounds awful to some people “what ew, I don’t want to wake up that early”. But discipline gets you what you want, and getting up early helps you get more discipline.

Early Birds have more quiet time to focus. When you wake up earlier than the norm, you have this period of quiet in the morning that is beautiful. No one is rushing you, no one is bothering you. It’s just you doing what you want to do.

This is the perfect time to write, exercise, meditate, or work on that passion project of yours. No one will ask you to run an errand or text you at this time.

Early Birds have guilt-free nights to do what they want. If you deliberately push your hardest work towards the early morning, then by the time night time rolls around, you can celebrate each night fully. Night Owls push things off until it’s late at night, whereas Early Birds get their work done immediately as soon as they wake up.

They are allowed the spontaneous nights while also making progress on their responsibilities/goals.

Early Birds will make more consistent progress on their goals. When you have the discipline and time in the morning to prioritize your tasks, you tend to get sustained success. Simply taking a step every day to improve is a surefire way to long-term benefits.

Disadvantages of Being an Early Bird

Early Birds can’t always spend crazy nights out. If you have friends who like to go out on late night adventures and taco runs, you’re going to miss out on these.

Early Birds put in more effort upfront. It takes time to build discipline and habits. It’s hard to stick to it when you want to sleep in.


I hope that helped explain why I’m an Early Bird now.

You don’t have to be an Early Bird to get your best work done, but it has a lot of advantages over being a Night Owl.

If you are serious about losing weight, getting fit, or writing your first novel, then I don’t think there’s a better way to do it than getting it done in the morning.