Choose two and accept the consequences

Sometimes you have to choose what you want to worry about: those are called your goals.

Anything that is not your goal, you must accept the consequences that it may not be perfect. You have to be humble and know that you can only put your limited focus in towards a select few things.

Everything else you must be okay with being sub-par in for while you focus on the important things per time-frame.

*For example: if your goal one month is to lose weight and start going to the gym, while also performing at your new job, you have to accept that you won’t have as much time to hang out with your friends after work.

The same goes for if you really value your friends and must hang out with them, but your work is also really important, then you might not go to the gym (that is unless you socialize at the gym, which is great! You're still putting your relationships on auto-pilot, but it will work out well).

In the end, I've found that you can only select two and really prioritize them.