Daytime is for reality, Evening for imagination

I created a new rule for myself:

Daytime is for learning, deep thought, and reading non-fiction. Evening is for getting lost in a fictional world.

The results I've noticed so far:

  • My dreams have become a lot more vivid since switching to fiction at night.
  • I make time for non-fiction business book reading during the day, which I enjoy.
  • I get less bored with what I'm reading because of the variety.

It hasn't happened yet, but I predict that having this switch on and off from serious non-fiction books to really out of this world fiction will allow me to make more connections.

I used to read purely non-fiction, because I wanted to get ahead in life.

I constantly find myself fascinated by learning things that can improve my life.

But mindset blocked me from enjoying the fiction world of literature. I'm ashamed to say it, but I avoided a whole genre of books because I thought they were a waste of time. Little did I know that fiction has the ability to make your mind think in different ways. I'm having such a fun time seeing the connections between fiction and our real world.

My intuition tells me that I will start to notice the same concepts appearing in new places that I haven't seen them in before. I just need to allow myself the time to enjoy stories.

CommentaryEvan LeComment