It's selfish to stay quiet

I’ve had experiences where I felt I was overly polite.

This tends to be the case more with older strangers. I try to be respectful and laugh at their jokes whether they’re funny or not.

But when it comes to my close friends, I become as honest as I can. Giving honest feedback and engaging with people with the true you is one of the scariest things you could do.

You risk hurting someone’s feelings.

You risk sounding ignorant or racist or sexist.

You risk social exile from your group.

But you must be honest if you want peace of mind with yourself and to be the best friend you can to people.

Because when we avoid honesty and risking being a dick, we end up being deceptively polite, saying things we don’t really mean, but think others want to hear. That’s when we start living a dual reality where we act a certain way out of fear rather than of authenticity.

And living a dual reality is the surest way to never being at peace with yourself.

CommentaryEvan LeComment