How uncertainty can help us grow

Photo by  Ryan Holloway  on  Unsplash

We all know what anxiety and instability feels like.

It all stems from this nagging feeling of uncertainty. It seems that some people are comfortable with a higher level of uncertainty while others buckle and freeze when faced with the smallest bit of uncertainty. It’s hard to describe what is is, but I recently learned a great definition of uncertainty that I think will help you.

On the Jordan Harbinger Show, guest Gabriel Mizrahi describes uncertainty as “how much information we have versus how much information we want”.

Now there are times when we choose uncertainty (going to college out of state, backpacking Europe for 3 months, or starting a new job) but what about the times when we don’t choose uncertainty?

What happens when you get fired from your job?

What happens when you find out your partner has been cheating on you?

What happens when you are evicted from your apartment?

While not desirable at the time, it’s these situations where we can benefit the most. Whether you chose the situation or not, when we’re backed into a corner, that’s where the most growth can happen.

As humans, I think we try to move more towards certainty with the work we do, the colleges we go to, and the people we want to date. But as life always reminds us, instability and uncertainty are a constant in life.

So if we accept that fact, how can we tell our selves that uncertainty exists to help us rather than hurt us?

When we can reframe that, we get one step closer towards becoming anti-fragile.

Note: I’d really suggest listening to the podcast for an in depth discussion on how to maximize uncertainty.