How to Find Adventure in Every Day

Photo by  Andrew Haimerl  on  Unsplash

In America, so many people look forward to summer vacation.

It’s time for travel and exploration. Maybe in a different country, maybe it’s in the wilderness. But that feeling we get — it makes us so excited. The feeling of seeing new things, smelling new smells, and tasting new flavors.

The mystery and excitement over the unknown, while being completely present in the moment; that is an adventure.

But there must be a way to evoke that seem feeling in our everyday lives. What kind of life would we live if we only enjoyed 2/7 of life in a week?

How do we evoke a sense of adventure every day?

The life of adventure requires a few things:

  1. To be more humble, to stop acting as if we were a know-it-all
  2. To give each person we interact with our intentional presence
  3. To be more curious and engage with the absurd
  4. To help others and lift them up, even if it inconveniences us a little
  5. To trust in a greater purpose and our selves that we will be fine

I believe that when you choose for your every day life to be an adventure, you inspire others to make an adventure out of their lives as well.