Expecting and judging less

Photo by  Scott Umstattd  on  Unsplash

My roommate is bad at washing dishes.

Like leaving dishes in the sink for 2 weeks bad.

It’s so easy for me to become mad and think “why can’t this adult take care of himself?” That’s because I set this expectation that all adults should be able to take care of themselves.

But that’s me imposing my expectations on someone else.

I expect this level of quality from him when:

  • He was sick this past week.
  • He may have never been expected to clean up.
  • He may not understand the inconvenience it causes others.
  • He may be preoccupied with work or other things.

Just because I feel a certain way does not mean I can expect someone else to completely understand me. I can only do my best to encourage him to make the change if he wants to, while expecting nothing.

It’s an incredibly difficult thing for me to do, but it’s something we must do.

We have to allow others to be where they are on their journey, without judgment.

For how can we judge others when we’re all imperfect our selves?

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