Your habits shape your identity

3 Things I'm Working On This Week

  1. Copywriting project: I’m going to be writing some copy for an online course.

  2. Developing atomic habits: This week’s book is Atomic Habits by James Clear. We don’t rise to the ambitiousness of our goals, we fall to the level of our systems. It’s because systems shape our identity, while goals just sort of exist.

  3. Become a superhuman: I tried working out 3x a week, but it’s not working for me. I just love being there, so I’m increasing it to between 5-6 times a week to work on calisthenics along with my weight training.

6 Things I’ve Learned Last Week

  1. Dogs don’t give devotion and obedience unconditionally. You need to earn it. (Mike Ritland)

  2. Habit changes are not just about productivity. They change how we think about ourselves and our identities. (James Clear)

  3. When you give away your work by building the network, you’re not giving it away at all. You’re building trust, authority and a positive cycle of better. (Seth Godin)

  4. Instead of hard numbers, you could describe the “middle class” as a mindset: where you can live comfortably on what they earn, can pay their bills, save for retirement, and have vacations and entertainment”. It’s not about income, but whether you can do these things. (Tony Tran)

  5. Marketing budget constraints are only as bad as you make them. You can get a lot done for cheap with an iPhone camera when it comes to media. (Wistia series, One Ten One Hundred)

  6. Humans have been optimizing for beauty since the beginning of time. (In a Nutshell)

5 Experiences That Have Delighted Me

  1. Had a bowl of pho ga and pho bo in Monterey Park. The trick to finding good Vietnamese food in America, is look for the restaurants that don’t have an obviously American name :)

  2. Ember has been learning more to respect boundaries and not jump up on me all of the time! (She’s my dog by the way)

  3. There’s something magical about the Asian supermarket. Maybe it’s the live fish and lobsters.

  4. I found these cheap $10 pair of gaming glasses at Ross that blocks out blue-screen light. If you’re staring at a screen for 8+ hours a day, you need these.

  5. I cooked some steak in my cast iron skillet for the second time. Nothing makes me feel happier. Or manlier. Maybe.

Until next week!

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