Just Show Up

I was in Solvang this past weekend.


It’s this charming little Danish town just north of Santa Barbara, CA. I visited with a good friend of mine as we slowed down from normal life. It felt nice to trade in laptops and emails for Danish pastries and wine tastings.

After leaving my former company, I’ve felt rejuvenated in a way that I haven’t felt before. I’m finally able to enjoy my weekends — not as an escape from work, but as an opportunity to spend a full day immersed in something new with people I care about.

I’m really taking the time to think about things like this now.

People in the self-improvement space like Gary Vaynerchuk popularly say that if you’re looking forward to the weekend, then your shit’s broken. But I don’t agree with that completely.

You shouldn’t dread your work; you should generally enjoy what you’re doing and the people you work with. But there’s no reason you can’t look forward to Fridays, when you have exciting things to do with awesome people you don’t normally get to see during the weekdays.

It’s sometimes on these weekend experiences away from work, that I learn and have the most creative ideas come to me.

One of those ideas this weekend came from my friend.

When I asked him what advice he would give to himself if he could go back 5 years, he told me to simply: show up.

That’s it. Just show up when you say you want to do something. Don’t let last minute laziness stop you from living your best life. When it comes to taking breaks or attending events, you have to do things with a purpose and intent.

You will 100% regret the times you want to do something but instead opt to do something else at the last minute.

Just choose to show up.

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