Accept People as They Are: A Lesson from Benjamin Franklin

In Mastery by Robert Greene, he talks about Benjamin Franklin’s rise to prominence.

Young Ben was brilliant when he was young, but growing up, he would find himself being taken advantage of and abused. Ben traveled throughout Massachusetts, Philadelphia, and London. In each of those situations, he would always want to be the “right” person and teach people a lesson.

It took him until he was in his 30s for him to realize his futile efforts.

So he chose to make a change.

He would not try to make people act in an idealized way.

Ben would instead aim for complete and radical acceptance of human nature. "Better to accept such people as one accepts the thorns on a rose".

After taking on this mindset, Ben was able to win over nearly everyone he met. It’s because he stopped trying to change them, and instead saw them for what they were, and adjusted his approach from there.

Maybe it would be advantageous for you to do the same.