Stop swiping, start engaging

Applying to jobs is like swiping on Tinder: you’ve both openly advertised your goal to enter some sort of relationship and you see if it’s a good fit. You both list your needs and your wants and you get to see a vast amount of possible suitors.

This may work for you to find that job or that romantic partner, but it doesn’t always happen so directly.

Some of the best connections I’ve made were when I wasn’t even looking for the thing that I wanted.

I’ve met marketing clients through friends and coworkers in completely different industries.

I met my girlfriend not through Tinder, but by taking a dancing class and being a friendly person. I was able to focus on being a better dancer instead of trying too hard to “meet girls”.

When I stopped focusing so much on “getting” the thing I wanted, I allowed myself to pour my energy into doing really cool things — and in turn, that’s what attracted the right people to me.

In searching for a job, the most high value thing you could be doing is not applying to 50 job openings — it might be applying to 10 job openings and creating a really interesting project on the side.