My 2017 Top 10 Failures

To balance my successes, I wanted to share my top 10 failures for 2017. Although there were some amazing things that happened last year, it also felt awful as well. That's just what life is like.

  1. Got let go from my job in January.
  2. Tried starting a YouTube channel and started and stopped twice
  3. Read countless books and didn’t finish them
  4. Self-isolated myself with work and travel
  5. Dropped the ball on multiple work projects
  6. Not making the most out of certain opportunities and moments in time
  7. Not getting a daily 8 hours of sleep enough of the year
  8. Buying random shit and wasting money on things I don’t need
  9. Feeling guilty for having fun, letting my desire to reach “success” ruin the present
  10. Compared myself to other people, too many times

Learn from your experiences and keep moving forward.