How to not be a nice guy

Photo by  Bailey Zindel  on  Unsplash

It’s common to say that “nice guys finish last”.

But it’s not nice guys that finish last.

It’s boring guys that finish last. Guys that take no risks, who did what they were told. Guys that don’t have a greater vision in mind. Guys that show no emotions like laughter and sadness and anger.

You know what the supposed bad boy stands for? He may not completely know what his vision is, but he trusts his instincts and philosophy on life. He makes others ask: “What caused you to be like this? It makes me curious.”

Now being interesting obviously pays off romantically.

But it pays to be interesting in a professional sense as well.

The guy/gal who goes to college, whose goal is to simply get a job at a decent company and applies in a straightforward manner can be interesting. They’re a nice person probably.

But what about that person who knows why they applied for the job? A person who knows their vision and has a story, a why, to back it up. That’s what’s going to lead them to take one step more than others in the application process. It’s what will lead them to doing something different than the other 99%.

So the key to being a little more interesting?

Discover your why.