The one productivity hack to start before all others

Arianna Huffington — author, entrepreneur, and founder of the Huffington Post — stopped by USC on Friday to give a talk. I was really excited to hear what she had to say as such an accomplished person.

I knew she was blowing some people’s minds because this one guy next to me kept saying “wow” after everything she said.

I was ready for that good life advice.

Then, when asked what she recommends all people do for success: sleep 8 hours a night.


Psh that’s fine and dandy… but “what do you do with the other 16 hours that will really change your life” I thought to myself?

So I laid in my bed that night and thought, this is some horse shit.

I usually get 6.5-7.5 hours of sleep, but since it was the weekend, I allowed myself to sleep in a little to get that full 8.

And the strangest thing happened: I felt well-rested. Like my eyes were just more alert, and I didn’t feel as big of a desire to stay in bed for the rest of the day.

So from a micro-scale, sleeping for 8 hours feels pretty good.

On the macro, it’ll be even more beneficial if one can maintain the discipline it requires to get the sleep.

Now, this might not be the most sexy or directly life-changing advice that will make you rich. But it will put you in the right energy levels and give you a better chance at clearer thinking.

And so that’s why, you have to start with 8 hours of sleep before all other productivity hacks. Without the discipline it requires to get proper sleep, you will not have the discipline to follow through with other important goals you are trying to set and accomplish.