The 2 things for a friendship

When it comes to friends, we think we want someone who likes the same things we do, agrees most of the time, and is generally a good person.

But we also want a few things that we don’t vocalize.

I think in order to be a good friend, you only need to do two things concurrently:

  1. Challenge and be honest
  2. Love and appreciate vocally

You don't have to be a dick, but don't be afraid to push people in the name of honesty. You don't have to be an overly polite person, but don't be afraid to compliment someone or tell them how much you appreciate them and why.

We want friends who challenge us and push us both to where we want to go, and also outside our comfort zone. We may not like to admit it, but we like getting ribbed and made fun of in some instances. It shows they care enough to notice. But we also want to feel valued and not get ribbed all of the time.

It's like a pendulum that must swing back and forth consistently to enjoy.