Earn the title

At school, my professors constantly refer to us students as “engineers”.

But to me, it feels odd to claim the title without earning it first. Just because we do math and statistics academically, does not make us actual engineers.

Just like how you’re not a quarterback just because you say you are. You have to throw a football to someone in a game.

Just like how you’re not a writer until you start writing and sharing with the world.

Just like how you’re not a photographer until you start taking pictures.

All of these titles can be claimed once you start doing the thing you practice doing. You can’t just take one photo and say you’re a photographer. There is most definitely a point where you’ve produced enough photos of attaining that title.

The exact amount doesn’t matter.

But you have to feel like you’ve earned your title.

That’s what we want.

Else we face identity crisis or imposter syndrome.