You don’t have to get better at everything

Photo by  Robert Collins  on  Unsplash

You only have to focus on getting good at a couple of things.

Sometimes, there are activities where I’d rather just participate passively and enjoy the practice of that, rather than actively seek to get better.

We’re expending so much energy trying to get better at our craft, that it’s okay to take the backseat and simply enjoy an activity for the sake of doing it. We don’t have to grow expertise in everything.

Expecting to become an expert in everything you do is energy-draining, and a waste of your mental space. It’s also linked with ego. If we believe that we have a “growth mentality” then we think we always have to be growing — every moment, or else we’re doing the opposite, which is not growing, and that is bad.

Whether you meditate, cook, work out, run a business, study engineering, make music, or write for a living, you can’t possibly grow in all of these areas all at once.

Selective focus, and conscious passivity is a choice that benefits the rest of your hobbies.

Instead of being spread out, your growth will be laser-focused on a couple of major things that are most important to you.

High-growth individuals often want to be the best at everything.

But we need to tell our egos that it’s okay. It’s fine to not grow in some activities and instead, enjoy an activity where your skill level doesn’t affect your value as a human being.