My 2017 Top 10 Successes

  1. Maintained a 6x/week workout plan for 2 months and 3x/week for the rest of the year
  2. Read 20 books
  3. Wrote 79 blog posts on
  4. Wrote a 56-page e-book and published on Amazon
  5. Apprenticed with a New York Times bestselling author in Houston for 3 months
  6. Successfully worked as a freelancer for the second half of 2017, enough to buy my first big boy camera (Sony A6000)
  7. Edited and created 20 videos, one going viral generating 500k+ views and 6k shares
  8. Gave a 45-minute talk to audience of 40+ young entrepreneurial people in Atlanta for Praxis Weekend
  9. Kept up more often with some key friendships and family, and created some vivid memories in Chicago, Houston, New Orleans, Atlanta, Boston, and Los Angeles
  10. Started investing in cryptocurrency finally

Thanks to everyone who was a part of my 2017!