Using gym analogies in business

I watch a lot of motivational speeches.

I always find it funny how they always use some type of analogy between crushing it in the gym, with crushing it at work.

Things like “in order to be part of the 1%, you have to be willing to do the stuff 99% aren’t willing to do.”

“One more set. One last rep. One more mile”.

“One more email” doesn’t sound nearly as sexy, but sometimes it’s those small actions of reaching out to people that 99% of people just don’t do.

Whether it’s email, or Instagram direct message, or Twitter, sending one more message to people you admire or want to do business with is that one last rep that others won’t bother to do.

We often rationalize and tell ourselves that everybody is messaging everyone. What makes me so special?

You’d be surprised at how many people think these exact thoughts, and don’t do anything. They self-disqualify.

And that’s why it’s an invisible opportunity.