Honesty is vulnerable

We often use dishonesty in order to preserve our social standing and to protect the other person from the effects of our true thoughts.

We don't want to be that insensitive/mean person. That's why it's always safer to say the safer thing, often the slightly dishonest thing. But the problem with that is that being dishonest stops us from being able to see who we should align with. Dishonesty stops us from finding our true tribe.

However a truthful comment is met with the potential risk and consequences of small-scale social exile. That’s because honesty is vulnerability.

Honesty is scary. It means putting yourself up for criticism.

Maybe you’re honest remarks will make someone mad, maybe your sincere compliment will be misinterpreted as creepy or lame. But true honesty is appreciated by so many.

Don’t hide your true thoughts. Be wary to not be a dick, but also let others into who you really are.

We want that from you.