Finding clarity amidst the noise

Beep. Ding. Quack.

Excuse me, that’s the sound of my phone. Each are notifications either for a Facebook post on something stupid Trump said, or a meme, or a Kardashian.

There’s so many things happening in the world, we can’t help but move our attention to things that don’t matter.

Because we’re afraid. Afraid of missing out. Afraid of being judged too.

And this FOMO and the shame that would come from doing something “lame” while something more interesting is happening is what stops us from being present in the moment. It stops us from focusing on our work.

These things that threaten our focus: a party next door, or a loud group of friends, or a clickbait article in your feed.

The solution? Silence the noise.

When we get caught up in other people’s opinions, memes, or gossip, we lose sight of achieving our goals.

Don’t fight distractions — that’s a losing battle. Simply minimize them.