Stop Being So Serious

It's funny how little conversations make us realize the most important things.


I was going to do yoga in Hollywood with a friend, and so we Uber'd there together.

When we walked in the car, she pretended to be me. And I pretended to be her (she has one of those ubiquitous unisex names).

The Uber driver never knew.

When the Uber driver called us by the other's name, we could barely contain our laughter.

And we just kept digging a deeper hilarious hole.

This childish behavior where it didn't matter what came next out of our mouths was one of the most liberating feelings ever.

But at one point in the conversation, I started talking about my past jobs, and it was only then that I realized I was getting WAY too serious.

I don't even know why I talk like that.

I just get into a mode where it feels like I have all this ego, and I'm trying to sound impressive to other people.

She pointed out how awful I sounded (with a joke) and thank god she reacted that way.

Just like the Dr. I mentioned the other day who demanded I called him by his title, I realized that trying to impress people is a losing game.

Life is too short to be all serious.

Every time I catch myself trying to impress people at networking events, interviews, or at the coffee shop, I'm going to pinch myself.