Irresponsible to Tell Students to Drop Out?

"Don't you feel it's irresponsible to tell students they should drop out?"

A friend said to me.

First of all, I don't advocate that all students drop out. 

I only advocate that people be real about their goals and to stop being ROMANTIC about school.

It's there, and necessary for some jobs.

But let's stop pretending that just because something is hard, that it's worth something.

Sure tenacity is admirable, but millions of people go through school.

It's frustrating (for various reasons), but NOT THAT HARD.

In my experience, and through conversations with multiple CEOs and Founders, a degree is not your most valuable currency in the marketplace.

The most valuable currencies in the professional world are:

  1. Relationships, recommendations, and online presence (social proof)
  2. Portfolio of work experience (competency proof)
  3. Communicated confidence and a feeling of "forward tilt" (motivation proof)

Again, I don't advocate that young people skip college or drop out. But it is hard to think outside the box, when you've been inside it for 12+ years.

So no, I don't think it's irresponsible to advocate that people follow their dreams.

If it involves college, do it.

If it doesn't (and most people don't think about this seriously) then don't.