Why "Forward Tilt" Will Get You The Job

Why should hiring managers care about "Forward Tilt"?

It's one of the most important signs of a successful employee.

Let me explain.

To my knowledge, Isaac Morehouse, the CEO of Praxis first coined the term.

He even runs a podcast of the same name for young people trying to stand out in the professional world.

To me, forward tilt is simply communicated ambition.

A lot of people talk a big game.

They talk about how much of a leader they are, or how they want to be a writer for ESPN, or how they wish they could be hired by Google. But their actions don't match their words.

They don't reach out to local businesses to get career advice from local leaders.

They don't write daily about sports for months/years for no pay before reaching ESPN level.

They don't put in the work before they get paid to do so.

When you don't have skin in the game, it's easy to talk big. LOTS OF PEOPLE DO THIS.

It's entirely different to prove that you have Forward Tilt with your actions.

Hiring managers! It's your job to identify people with Forward Tilt -- they'll move your business forward.