One BIG Reason Why College Students Are Depressed

I was walking a dog from the dog rescue the other day when I had a realization: why college students are so prone to depression.

Let me explain.

  1. You have skills in college, you're just not actively practicing them.
  2. By "actively practicing", I mean making money from them.
  3. When you don't get to practice your skills for money, you have no sense of the worth of your skills.
  4. For four years, you have no idea how valuable your skills are to the world because no one is paying you.
  5. With no sense of self-value, many college students fall into depression because they feel worthless.

I'm sure there are other factors that contribute, but I believe this is a big reason why some college students (and some of my friends) have questioned their self-worth.

What do you think?