Why You Should Shut Up Sometimes

A news reporter asked me for my opinion on recent events in Charlottesville, NC.

I declined. Why?

I'm a strong believer that you shouldn't comment on things without a greater context.

If you don't know what you're talking about -- you should NOT feel pressured to HAVE a strong opinion just because someone tells you you should.

It's so easy to learn surface-level facts and ASSUME you understand a situation.

Do you actually understand global warming?

Do you actually understand minimum wage policy?

Do you actually understand what happened at Google or Uber?

By the time this reporter asked me, I had read maybe one article. So I was not in a position to comment.

It's always tempting to share a "popular" opinion.

And it's easy to "condemn" actions behind your keyboard with little facts.

The same applies for situations at work where you misinterpret decisions without proper context.

Not saying that popular opinion isn't mostly right in this case, but I'm just practicing being more analytical and less reactive.

Also the VICE documentary on this issue was amazing.