Startups Discriminate, But Not How You Think

I have a friend who is female and Latina.

When I tell her that she would thrive in a startup, she doesn't believe me.

She's a talented people-person with lots of hustle.

But she has experienced workplace discrimination in the entertainment industry, and now believes that that's "the way the world is".

I have a different view of the startup world. In my few years in the startup scene, I've seen high-performers being rewarded on the actions they take, no matter their skin color or sex.

They discriminate based on skill.

Top performers survive at startups regardless of background.

At my co-working space, I see Indian, Latina, black, and white women as founders, managers, and consultants.

I admit I tend to be more positive about things, so I may have a blind spot, but I see the startup world as being very open to anyone who can deliver.

Would love to hear any stories you may have re: the topic.