I Work 7 Days A Week And Love It

Why do I do this?

I hate feeling like a day went by in my life and I made absolutely ZERO progress towards any of my goals. It bothers me. And if you have goals, it should bother you too.

I do anything I can to have non-zero days.

That simply means making progress in at least one part of my overall goal every day. It means doing work when other people are sitting around and watching Netflix all day.

It doesn't have to mean an 8-hour work day every day. It just means taking a little time each day dedicated towards your work in pursuit of the person you want to be.

It means choosing to sacrifice at least one hour everyday taking one more step towards where you want to be.

After doing this enough times, it becomes a habit to do work.

You'll start to feel weird if a day passes by and you get nothing done.

If you want to just be okay or average, then don't worry about having non-zero days.

This is the type of mindset you want to cultivate if you want to be great. Don't let a day go by without you taking one small step towards where you want to be.

That's the only proven path to success.